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Contact person: Rupert Steiner

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A dedicated group of Balnarring ratepayers and members of the Foreshore Committee invite you to take part in monthly working bees on the last Sunday of the month at 10am next to the beach shop at Balnarring Beach.

Contact person: Harold Weber - Phone 5983 2757

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Regular social event every evening at 4pm at Bowls Club, 1 Bruce St, Balnarring. Bowls games during the week, ring or email for information.

Contact person: Jules Ryan

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A space of belonging for all women where we can reclaim the ancient practice of gathering together to learn, honour and celebrate. To register your interest, call Jules Ryan.

Contact person: Mary Budd, Coordinator

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Office Hours:     Monday, Wednesday & Thursday – 9am to 3pm,  Friday – 9am to 12noon.   
The Community House is not open during school holidays.      
We put out a new program at the beginning of each term and this is delivered to Crib Point, Bittern, Balnarring and Balnarring Beach. The program is also available in local shops throughout Westernport. We try to vary the program and put new things in each term. We are always after new ideas or maybe you have a skill that you would like to share. Please call Mary to discuss.

Contact person: Marnie Fitzsimons

Contact Us:   Phone: 59 812 483 Email us

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Friends of Daangean meet on the last Sunday of each month 9am in the vicinity of Devilbend Reservoir (Devilbend Natural Features Reserve), in collaboration with Parks Vic. Mainly for weeding purposes except for specified planting and seed collecting days. Equiptment is supplied. Please wear appropriate clothing. 

Contact person: Michele Sabto

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All meeting and event dates are on line at the events section of our webpage.

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Postal address: PO Box 53 Balnarring VIC 3926

Contact person: Jenny Stidston

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Riding sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning. Please call for session times and details.

21 Turners Road
Balnarring VIC 3926

Contact person: Diane Keane

Contact Us:   Phone: 0428 305578

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Beginning Wed 5th Feb, 2014.

Joey Scouts (ages 6-7), 4:45pm - 5:45pm. Contact Diane Keane on 0428 305 578

Cub Scouts (ages 8-11) from 6:30-8:00pm. Contact Penny Gillespie on 0419 045 634

Scouts (ages 11-14) from 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Contact Ian Seward on 0409 130 559.


Community Events

1st Balnarring Scout Group started in April 1991.

At their annual breakup Wed 7th Dec 2106, the Scout Group celebrated 25 years.

The night of celebration was a combination of games on the oval, Ice-blocking , food, chatter, meeting old friends and the opportunity to reminisce with passed and present stories. 

Presently 1st Balnarring Scout Group consists of two sections Cubs [71/2-11years] and Scouts [101/2-15 years]. Both sections have been currently going from strength to strength and this was seen on the night of the celebrations. It was a fabulous infusion of youth, leaders current families and passed scouting families.
Scouting has a fascination with the past and the support shown by the youth, leaders and families from years passed meant that 1st Balnarring Scout Group has a very proud, fun and active program with community minded activities and this has permeated through the 25 years of this rich history.   

Historically, the Group’s activities have included canoe hikes during the Easter holidays on the Glenelg, Goulburn, Murray and the Mitchell Rivers.  Annual ‘no adults’ camp at JHP (Bay Park) campsite in Mt Martha and family camps run annually in South Gippsland at the Bear Gully Reserve. The main fundraising was the ‘Scones and Billy Tea’ at the Emu Plains Market. The scones were cooked in their ingenious camp ovens constructed of steel and mud, with a chimney and a pit trench for the fire to boil the billy’s.

Our present youth, leaders and families reflected on the past proud traditions of 1st Balnarring Scout group knowing that their current programing was upholding those that had come before them and they were supporting the belief they have that Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

1st Balnarring Scout Group would like to take this opportunity to thank those that have supported the group and also to Scouting in general either in the past or for their ongoing support going forward.

Contact person: Del Skinner

Contact Us:   Phone: 0425 739 567 Email us

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Meet at Suite 2, 2 Russell Street Balnarring (next to the physio - see What's On for dates). Gold coin donation.  All writers, all genres, all styles welcome. We aim to support writers in their goals and help each other find and share our voice.

Contact person: KLARISSA

Contact Us:   Phone: 0488 494 667

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If you see injured wildlife, or hit an animal, be sure to call:
Koala rescue - Jenny Bryant 0417 396 883
Wildlife Help on Morn. Peninsula (whomp) 0417 380 687
Klarissa Garnaut 0488 494 667
Koala rescue - Jenny Bryant 0417 396 883
Wildlife Help on Morn. Peninsula (whomp) 0417 380 687
Klarissa Garnaut 0488 494 667