About Us

"The Bridge”  is a community publication made by the community, for the community. We are a team of volunteers with an interest in communication, design, community, the environment and open, creative expression. The Bridge is a resource for the Communities of  Balnarring, Bittern, Crib Point, Flinders, French Island, Merricks, Point Leo, Red Hill, Shoreham, Somers and Tuerong.

Its creation was inspired by a need for community organisations to communicate with: each other, the general community and our visitors. The Bridge aims to build a sense of connection and promote a resilient community by inspiring and encouraging environmental, social and financial sustainability. The Bridge aims to build a sense of community values and self-governance. It covers broad community interests such as the arts, events, the natural and built environment, employment, health and safety, schooling, sports, volunteering, business, spirituality, individual expression and sustainability. Launched in November 2012, the first issue successfully engaged an audience of more than 2200 readers and now has hundreds of contributors.

Vision statement:     To connect community groups and individuals together through clear communication, in order to build a sustainable, fulfilling and vibrant community in which to live. 

Mission statement:   To produce a bi-monthly publication that is free for community and NFP groups to advertise their events and share general information about their group. An inclusive resource for individuals to express their creativity and hopes for the future. A common place for people to communicate regarding sharing resources e.g. tools, food, homes. A place for the community to celebrate and acknowledge each other. The Bridge is available on line and in print form.


​Jenny Atherton:  Jenny is an experienced and published Author. Jen has a knack for finding wonderful local stories and meticulous layout. She jumped on board The Bridge train from the word go, and is a key player in making the Bridge a reality. Check out Jenny's gorgeous book at: www.yesyoucanthebook.com

John Ashton:   You can thank John for this wonderful website! John's patience and great management skills have been essential in creating our web presence! John is our web-master. For more information about John and the services he offers, go to: www.ikoniq.com.au

Alison Hoelzer:  Ali is a photographer and writer, having completed assignments for leading national magazines, newspapers and book publications. Ali was inspired to start "The Bridge" after visiting the World's most sustainable community, The Findhorn Foundation in 2012.  Ali has been a resident of Balnarring for 15 years, and was raised on the Peninsula. For more information go to www.alisonhoelzer.com.au

Lesley McMillan: Lesley takes care of all our book keeping. She is a huge help to us in keeping things running smoothly.

Thomas Hoelzer: Thomas heads up the distribution team. Thomas is a former resident of www.findhorn.org - the community who kindly agreed to us copying their community magazine. Thomas leads Qi Gong classes and is passionate about organic food gardening. www.gardensforthefuture.com.au

Distribution team:  Celia Sexton, Faye Poll, Ed & Meg Pawlik, Chris Newell, Sarah Bingle, Robyn Ag. 

If you would like to volunteer for The Bridge, please email us