Flinders Motoring Heritage Display

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On 21-Apr-2019 at 10:00


Cnr Cook & Norman Streets, Flinders, 3929 

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Flinders Motoring Heritage Display

The annual Flinders Motoring Heritage fundraiser will be supporting two very important areas at Peninsula Health: Children’s Services at Rosebud Hospital Community Health and Diabetes Services.

Children’s Proprioceptive Play Equipment

This exciting project is designing and building a dedicated treatment and assessment area at Rosebud Hospital Community Health for Children’s Services. The project will transform space so occupational therapists can diagnose, treat and evaluate children with proprioceptive development issues. This involves creating consultation rooms with observation areas, an outdoor “play” treatment area that will contain a child friendly garden space as well as specialised play equipment that will enable therapists to track progress of children with proprioceptive developmental delays.

Diabetes Services Equipment

Haemoglobin Testing Machine (HbA1c) – This machine is vital in treating people with diabetes and gives a good indication of how well diabetes is being controlled. It is also one of the main tools used in diagnosing diabetes and is used particularly for care in young adults andpaediatric patients. This is a point of care machine that tests in only minutes – instead of sending blood to the lab and waiting for results. These new models are extremely efficient and precise – making them even more beneficial to treating doctors and nurses.

Insulin Pump – An insulin pump will be used to loan to patients. It delivers insulin continuously and enables much tighter glycaemic control. This is especially important for prenatal and antenatal patients where tight glycaemic control improves outcomes for babies and reduces complications to the mother. For many of our patients with type 1 diabetes who are planning pregnancy, this machine is too expensive.

Download your copy of the Flinders Motoring Heritage  flyer.